Marylebone Square London Luxury Apartments Exterior

Marylebone Square
Luxury London Apartments For Sale

Marylebone Square is Central London’s latest and only new build. A collection of 54 luxury apartments for sale, carefully chosen boutiques and restaurants, and a versatile community hall.

Marylebone's Sole New Build

Owning A Piece Of History

Marylebone’s rich history makes it among the most sought after real estate in Central London. Marylebone's history starts in 1086 where the area was acquired by five aristocratic families over the course of 700 years. Today, Marylebone is owned by two major estates – The Howard de Walden Estate and the Portman Estate, where Marylebone Square is situated between. This tract of the most treasured turf in the city remained unclaimed – until now. Marylebone Square offers the rare opportunity to own a piece of Central London’s rich history.

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Marylebone Square Balcony at Dusk
Marylebone Square Bridge

A Welcome Home Unlike Any Other

The private, Inner Courtyard replaces traditional, dark corridors that lead to your apartment with a bright and airy indoor garden and glass ceiling. Your welcome home then becomes a daily delight as you walk through the airy atrium to the comfort of your apartment. No matter the season, enjoy your private oasis in the middle of the bustling streets of London.

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A New Chapter Added To The Story of London

Marylebone Square London Apartments For Sale

The Legacy Of
Marylebone Square – A Once Noble Land

For a piece of once noble land in Central London to remain unclaimed is unheard of. Yet, for the past five decades this prime spot at the heart of Marylebone has been left untouched. The site lies between the Portman Estate to the west and the Howard de Walden Estate to the east. Marylebone Square captures the grandeur of its surroundings, while maintaining the sensitive approach to stewardship characteristic of the area’s famous landlords.

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Marylebone Square Historic City Block
Marylebone Square London Property For Sale

“In Marylebone Square there is a new chapter being added to the story of London”

A Timeless Masterpiece

A contemporary interpretation of a classic London mansion block, Marylebone Square seamlessly blends into its historic surroundings where distinctive red-brick Georgian architecture are well preserved.

The building is a celebration of intricate craftsmanship and high-quality, robust materials. Outlining the grand terraces surrounded the building is a distinctive lantern frieze and arrangement of cast metal balustrades.

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London Real Estate

“An open yet intimate space that you are invited to make your own.”

Marylebone Square Central Courtyard

A Glorious
Central Courtyard

What sets Marylebone Square from traditional Georgian architecture is a glorious five-level, glass-canopied courtyard that forms the living centrepiece of the development. The courtyard allows all homes the dual aspect of having natural light and air penetrate both sides.

Panoramic glazed lifts take guests up from the lobby to their floor, providing views of the open courtyard as they rise. The central pond, manicured landscaping and tall birch trees fill the space with life.

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“Refined, elegant and intuitively designed, the apartments and penthouses are generously spacious yet warmly intimate.”

Designed for
Modern Comfort

Modern design anchored with classic detail. Marylebone Square is the perfect home for those looking for high-quality living in a comfortable environment. Refined, elegant and intuitively designed, the apartments and penthouses are generously spacious yet warmly intimate. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass sliding doors mean the living space is always aglow with natural light – and the airy, open-plan layout makes it an ideal place for get-togethers.

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Marylebone Square Symbol

For more information about Marylebone Square, Please download the digital brochure below.

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