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Known for its distinctive red-brick Georgian architecture, Marylebone is a district that has carefully preserved its past – and Marylebone Square is a sensitive addition. A contemporary interpretation of a classic London mansion block, it blends into its historic home with a subtle modernity that enhances its surroundings. Externally, the building is a rich palette of glazed terracotta, with intricate yet robust cast metal balustrades adding a European sensibility to the design. “It was designed with a singular vision,” says lead architect Simon Bowden, “so it has a cohesive quality – and a distinct character that’s strengthened by the robustness of the natural materials.”

Marylebone Square London New Development
Marylebone Square Signature Feature

The signature feature is an intricate lantern frieze that runs along the edge of the terraced penthouses. A pattern of intersecting musical waves, the design is inspired by Marylebone’s long-established connection with music and performance – from The Pleasure Gardens to The Royal School of Music to the iconic recording studio EMI.

A nod to London’s oldest and finest hotels, a generous canopy defines the entrance to Marylebone Square. As you step inside, you are welcomed by an elegant palette of stone, timber and bronze. A desk made of York stone is home to a friendly 24-hour concierge who’s always on hand to help.

Marylebone Square Entrance

A Grand Centrepiece - The Inner Courtyard

Paved with granite and lined with tall-stemmed, silver birch trees, the airy atrium garden is your sanctuary away from the hubbub with a glass-top roof allowing for ample natural light without the rain. An elliptical lily pond reflects the sky and breezeways, contributing to the sense of solace and quietude. A state-of-the-art airflow system maintains fresh circulation between the mansion’s galleria, apartments and outside. Your move from the sun-kissed London streets to the dappled space of the courtyard to the comfort of your private rooms becomes a seamless transition and daily delight.

Marylebone Square London New Development

Inspired By The World’s Most Famous, Royal Conservatories

In 16th century England, the royal and aristocratic classes sought to preserve and protect the exotic, delicate flora transported home from exploratory travels. Out of this need, and the romantic desire to preserve these natural mementos, the first conservatories were conceived and constructed. As a result, conservatories were commissioned by Royals from all over the world, emerging wondrous architectural structures of glass and steel.

A Contemporary Take On Classic Conservatory Design

The refined beauty and biophilic glory of classical conservatories and royal gardens, inspire the open courtyard - the centerpiece of the Marylebone Square design scheme. Natural light illuminates the space, shining brilliance and casting shadows on the exquisitely landscaped courtyard and interior architecture of these remarkable residences. Sensitively designed, the Inner Courtyard ensures residents are always aware of their environment, connected to nature the minute they step outside their front doors.

A Brilliant Welcome Home, Always

A branching system of breezeways forgoes the need for internal corridors at Marylebone Square so that your welcome home is always fresh, airy, and bright. A glazed lift will take you from the reception to your floor, giving you a view of the courtyard below as you pass along the walkway to your apartment. Your entrance comprises a semi-private front porch, providing an open yet intimate space that you are invited to make your own.

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